Patrick is happy to call himself a Brooklyn based actor, writer, and comedian. DID YOU KNOW 1 out of every 10 people…

won’t read past this point?? But you should! Patrick received his BA from The University of South Carolina and his MFA (Acting) from New School for Drama. More than anything he loves travelling, performing, and making new connections. Oh- and making people laugh. He loves making people laugh. He’s made people chuckle and chortle from Romania to Canada, and all across the United States. On Wednesday nights you can watch him perform with his house team, The Community Players, as they improvise/create a one-act community theater production! All before your very eyes (it’s funny ya’ll)! With his co-creator and writing partner, DAN TITMUSS, they wrote, developed, and now currently perform a 2 person 1 hour scripted Sci-Fi adventure, LIFE’S YEARNING, where all parts are played by the two actors. What a feat, right?! Truly a fun evening! You should come to a show! When he isn’t performing or auditioning, Patrick hustles as an auctioneer, who sells storage lockers for Auctioncheer. YEAH it’s like STORAGE WARS! Also… he loves playing team sports. Pick him up for your next softball game! No really. He’s always down!